About Us

At Simply Pets we offer excellent veterinary care at a lower cost by concentrating mainly on the things we all need to do regularly to keep our pets in good health (for more complex operations or illnesses requiring lengthy investigation / treatment, we can refer you to our partners at Clockhouse Veterinary Hospital).

Our pricing structure is clear and works well for many pet owners, from those whose pets are insured but have simple problems which do not warrant a claim, to people who are looking to make their budget stretch as far as possible in these cost-conscious times. Our free prescription service enables you to source any drugs required more cheaply online.

Simply Pets procedures include:

  • Allergy testing
  • Cytology (cellular evaluation)
  • Various laboratory tests
  • Export testing
  • Microchipping
  • Pet Passports

Additionally, Simply Pets undertakes a variety of soft tissue surgery such as spaying / neutering, mass removals, ear surgery and other non-orthopaedic procedures.

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