Cat Behaviour

Preventative behavioural advice

The best start in life for kittens is essential in preventing the development of undesirable or inappropriate cat behaviour.

At Simply Pets we are happy to help and advise you about pet behaviour, from the most appropriate breed, gender or even species to acquire, reliable breeders and what to look for when viewing the litter, to introducing a new pet to existing household members and ongoing pet care.

Understanding the origins of cats, their social structure and how they communicate can help to explain some of the behaviour that we see as ‘naughty’ or anti-social and find ways to address their behaviour in ways that make sense to them. Often, if your cat has previously exhibited model behaviour, new, bad behaviour can be a sign of stress, so identifying and removing the cause of that stress can also remove the unwanted behaviour. Unwanted behaviour can include:
• urine spraying
• house soiling
• scratching on furniture and carpets
• aggression between cats
• cat to human aggression
• over grooming
• ‘wool eating’

The first visit to the practice can influence all future interactions between our staff and your pet, so we ensure that the first visit to the surgery is pleasant and relaxed for both client and pet.