spaniel  puppy and kitten

Cat Socialising

Socialising your kitten

When you get a new kitten it is important for them to interact with all the different people and animals that they’re likely to come across in their life.

Obviously for the first few days you don’t want to swamp them and it is important to give them time to themselves and an area where they can get away from everything (especially small children and playful dogs).

Try to make any introductions as enjoyable and playful as possible, giving them plenty of positive encouragement and using toys and objects they’re familiar with as re-assurance.

Most cats are happier if they’re stroked while they are being held, so start by restraining them gently with one hand and stroking them with the other. Talking quietly to them in a reassuring tone can help when cat socialising as well. If they start to struggle it’s best to let them go and try again later when they are more relaxed.

Try to introduce your kitten to as many people as possible, but don’t force things if they become nervous or stressed.

Some cats prefer to bond through regular play with toys and this can work just as well as handling, although they may never be a cuddly cat. In any case frequent sessions of play with everyone one in the house will quickly integrate your kitten into the family.