Blue cat litter box

Cat Training

Litter training your kitten

Most kittens learn very quickly to use a litter tray. They have a natural instinct to cover up their toilet so will automatically look for something they can dig up.

Place a couple of trays in quiet corners of the house. When the kitten looks ready to use it (they squat down with their tail raised) pick them up and place them in one of the litter trays.

Cats like a litter tray for each motion, so the more trays you have the better!

Telling them off for doing it in the wrong place will just confuse them and the next time they go they’ll just make sure they does it somewhere out of your sight!

You can get covered or open trays. Some cats prefer the privacy of a covered tray particularly if there is nowhere quiet to put the tray. They also stop litter and faeces going over the side of the tray and the top of the range ones have filters in the lid to help reduce any bad smells. Other cats prefer to be able to see whose around whilst using the tray. Start off with one type of tray, and change if necessary.

There is a wide range of cat litter available, fuller’s earth or clumping clay are the most suitable. Do NOT get scented litters – they may be great for our noses but your cat will hate them. Cats origins are the desert, so may prefer sandy type litters, and certainly would prefer not to use sawdust pellets or recycled paper (even though we may prefer this!) Catsan Clumping (NOT Catsan Hygiene) is ideal.