Veterinary treatment for a little kitten - getting ready for a vaccine, focus on syringe

Cat Vaccinations

It is important to vaccinate your cat or kitten against feline leukaemia virus, cat flu (feline viral rhinotracheitis and feline calicivirus) and feline panleucopenia virus.

For your kitten to be fully vaccinated, it requires two vaccinations with a 3 week interval between them. Your kitten is not fully protected until 2 weeks after the 2nd vaccination.

Adult cats 

If your kitten is older than 9 weeks when the 1st vaccination is given, it will still need a three week interval before the 2nd vaccination.
Further information on cat vaccinations

A yearly booster is required to maintain immunity. This is also is a good chance for your cat to receive a full clinical examination and an opportunity for you to discuss any health care matters with the vet. If the booster is overdue by more than 3 months it is normally necessary to restart with a primary course of two injections.

The need for annual vaccinations

Recent studies have shown that the vaccine for Panleucopaenia can last for several years, although cat flu and FeLV start to wane at the end of a year, but to reduce costs and for convenience, vaccine manufacturers include all 3 vaccines in a single syringe for annual use.

Unfortunately no vaccine can give 100% protection against disease. In most cases this is due to the nature of the disease itself. For instance, signs of cat flu can be produced by infection with several different viruses and bacteria, although it is only possible to immunise against the three commonest causes. Also, occasionally new strains of viruses can appear, against which the vaccines can’t give full protection. However the infection will generally be much less severe than in a completely unvaccinated cat.

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