bad dog - persons hand wagging finger at nine week old english bulldog puppy

Dog Behaviour

Preventative behavioural advice

The best start in life for puppies is essential in preventing the development of undesirable or inappropriate dog behaviour.

At Simply Pets we have developed a programme designed to provide your new pet with the best start possible:
Pre-purchase advice

To help owners choose the most appropriate breed, gender or even species to acquire, whether it is your first pet or a new addition. We can also give advice on finding reliable breeders, what to look for when viewing the litter and other animals in the household.
Pet care

We encourage owners to come into the practice as often as they wish to chat about aspects of pet care with a practice nurse or veterinary surgeon. By offering informal chats by appointment we find that owners are far more likely to come for help early if things start going wrong.
First visits

The first visit to the practice for puppies and kittens can influence all future interactions between our staff and your pet. For this reason we ensure that the first visit to the surgery is pleasant and relaxed for client and pet. These visits often involve vaccination and health checks but we also encourage ‘social’ drop-ins and monthly puppy  checks for pleasant introductions. This appointment can take up to 30 minutes.
Information for owners

We give comprehensive information packs at first vaccination. These cover aspects of preventative healthcare, socialisation and behavioural considerations.

Free puppy parties – crucial to help your puppy
become sociable

It is important for young puppies to attend classes of a limited size, and with their own age group. All puppies who have received their first vaccination may attend. Puppy parties take place every Wednesday and Friday evening in Stroud, and concentrate on socialisation and habituation during the puppies’ socialisation period (3 to 12 weeks of age). Places can be booked at reception.

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