iStock_000021752419XSmallDog Neutering

We believe in neutering all pets from 6 months of age (depending on breed/size) to prevent unwanted litters. For bitches we offer key-hole spays – please speak to a member of staff for further details.

We do not spay bitches in season as it can cause complications during surgery and added risks to your dog’s health. We will spay them 12 weeks post-season. Males can be castrated any time after the 6 month mark. Many people do not believe in castrating males, however dog neutering can prevent many health problems in dogs and prevent a number of behavioural issues, including aggressive and unwanted sexual behaviour, fighting, mounting and being generally destructive. Dogs that are neutered are less likely to mark territory or stray and neutering can encourage calmer, more predictable behaviour, making the dog a more suitable family pet.

Neutering reduces the likelihood of strange behaviour in bitches coming into season (for about three weeks, twice a year) and it prevents male dogs desperately attempting to escape and seek out a local bitch in season.

For bitches, neutering avoids the mess and inconvenience of seasons and removes the significant health risks associated with pregnancy as well as the possibility of potentially fatal womb infections (pyometra). It also reduces or removes the risks of some cancers in both male and female dogs.

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When dogs are neutered, they will have stitches that need to be removed in 10-14 days and a buster collar to prevent them pulling out their stitches.