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Parasites, such as worms, ticks, fleas, and mites, are organisms that thrive by feeding off of other creatures. It’s common for dogs to become infected at some point in their lives but, left untreated, parasites can cause serious damage to your pet’s health and quality of life and some parasites can infect and transmit diseases to people too.

Monitoring for any changes in behaviour, appetite, or water consumption are important to the care and well-being of your dog. Simply Pets can diagnose and safely treat parasites and other health problems that not only affect your dog, but also the safety of you and your family.

We recommend regular flea prevention and worming treatment 
with ‘Advocate monthly’, which treats fleas/roundworms/lungworms/mites/lice and is applied every month, for life.

At 9 months of age Droncit tapeworm treatment can be given every 6 months. Please discuss other options with a member of staff.

Adult dogs
We recommend that adult dogs are wormed at least every 3 months (for human safety as well as their own health).

Regular preventative flea treatment.
We feel our protocol uses the most effective products, but there are other options which the Consulting Nurses will be happy to discuss with you.