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House training

An important part of dog training is house training. Puppies indicate when they want to ‘spend a penny’ by sniffing around and turning in circles.  When they do this it’s important that you quickly encourage them to go outside by getting them to follow you to a suitable place.

Praise them and give them a treat for being a good dog. Don’t punish them if they don’t go but take them indoors for 15 minutes or so, keeping a watchful eye on them and then take them back outside to try again.

Encourage your puppy’s training after sleeping, after playing, after eating and just before going to bed.

Restrict your puppy around the house – i.e. when you are in the kitchen with your puppy, keep the kitchen door closed. That way you can look out for the signs and have more of a chance of preventing an accident.

Don’t use newspapers on the floor in the house and keep the door to the garden closed (otherwise your puppy won’t know the difference between in and out!)

Don’t scold them if they have an accident – this may have an adverse effect and delay their training, as well as harming their relationship with you. Puppies that are scolded for soiling in the house often sneak off to urinate/defacate in hiding (e.g. behind the sofa!). Biological detergents can be used to mop up if necessary.

By confining their sleeping place to a crate or small, easily-cleaned area, they should be clean at night by the time they are 14 weeks old. Dogs won’t normally soil their bed area, but if they do, ask your vet to check them out.