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Primary course

We vaccinate puppies against canine parvo virus, distemper, infectious hepatitis, leptospirosis and canine parainfluenza. To fully vaccinate your puppy they require two vaccinations at an interval of at least two weeks.

The earliest we can start vaccinations is 7 weeks of age and the second vaccination cannot be given before 10 weeks of age.

Your puppy will not have full immunity to the diseases until 14 days after the 2nd vaccination. However, puppy socialisation is of such great importance that (weighing up the benefits against risks) your puppy can be socialised with other friendly, healthy dogs known to be vaccinated (in your garden, friends/family homes and gardens, not on public ground) as soon as possible. Please ask the Vet or Veterinary Nurse to explain the risks/benefits if you have any concerns.

14 days after completion of the dog vaccination course, start walking your puppy on popular footpaths/dog walking areas – there is no need to minimise contact now. This is the ideal time to start taking your puppy to training classes.
Booster vaccinations are required annually to maintain immunity, for which you will receive reminders.

7-8 Weeks of Age 1st vaccination –
this is a 30 min appointment
Flea prevention and worming treatment 4 weeks FREE Petplan insurance cover Discuss our Paws & Claws Club Information pack
Discuss socialisation with the Nurse Book in for Puppy Party
10 Weeks of Age 2nd vaccination