hamsters_mice_ratsHamsters, Mice & Rats

Hamsters & mice are a prey species and so need plenty of space to hide within their living environment. They like to build nests, so will need plenty of bedding and places to build, such as tunnels. They need well-ventilated, dry, warm places to live otherwise they can get ill. They are also excellent escape artists who need to have a secure living environment that is checked regularly.

Hamsters & mice should be kept out of direct sunlight as they are very sensitive to light. They should also be kept in a quiet area. They need constant access to fresh drinking water and can become quite ill if they cannot drink.

Hamsters & mice are omnivores and eat a wide variety of foods, such as seeds, fruit and vegetables. Grapes, raisins, rhubarb and lettuce are all poisonous to mice and should not given to them!

Hamsters & mice can live in groups but the living environment should be of a sufficient size to allow them to forage, dig and exercise. Wild mice can travel hundreds or metres per day.
Mice can also breed every 3 weeks so keeping same sex mice is advised!

Rats are considered one of the best pet rodents due to their relatively large size, calm and social nature, low tendency to bite, and relative intelligence. They can be excellent and fascinating children’s pets when handled from a young age and kept in social pairs or groups. Their natural inquisitiveness and dexterity mean they respond well to training and human interaction.

Rats are omnivores and love a varied diet that includes grains, vegetables and a protein source such as dry dog food. Commercial mixes are available from pet shops. While rats are fond of titbits and household scraps, do not let them get too fat. They enjoy occasional pieces of fruit, vegetables, peanuts and sunflower seeds, but these can cause skin problems, so should be a rare treat. Fresh, clean water must always be available. If a water bottle is used it should be cleaned, refilled and checked daily to ensure it is not blocked or leaking.

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